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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  September 19, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> nice. >> good word for like when you are doing word finders, crossword puzzles. >> asp. >> yes. >> let's talk sex. one couple says, they did it every single day. >> oh, brother. >> why they say doing the deed daily makes all of the difference. >> where did you get this video. >> i shot it in my apartment over the weekend. no, this woman says she had sex 60 straight days in the row. we will talk bit. >> summer, almost over, but part of it still remains. we have all of the damage on our face, we have our face all clogged. we have been putting stuff on it the entire summer long. how do we do a detox and get us ready for fall and clean slate. >> eye an elect lux on the face and suck black head out. >> that helps. >> jennies, hosting back to school night in the morning. >> we have snacks, everything of course.
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good morning, ladies. wait for it, mike. mike greenwich war nightmare we will have five moms, women, and two women mental health professionals here. thing we will talk about is over scheduling. are we doing it right, wrong. how to know fur kiddies over schedule. mike jerrick if you are counting we will have seven ladies. it is like the house of hormones here this morning. >> house of hormones. >> yes. >> real fast. >> you're usually up here, right. >> yes. >> jen mentioned snack. have you heard someone say she is like like a snack. >> you know. >> i know that one. >> yes. >> let me find another one. >> karen, you are look like a snack. your face is beat. >> that was old. >> that is something new. >> snack is new. >> that is good. >> i am glad you know that. >> impressed. >> all right. none of us believe this but we are having some fun witt. apparently there is a number expert and she has this blog
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and a magazine that she writes she said that a bible verse says that the last day of our civilization will be saturday. >> yes. >> it is in the luke passage verse 21225 up to 26. so, there was an eclipse. >> all right. >> we had that. harvey hit. hurricane. flooding in texas. we have had that. and it all has to do with number 33, jesus lived for 33 years. on saturday it will be 33 days since the eclipse, so then she extrapolatings all that into the destruction of the earth on saturday. >> what are people saying about all of this seriously. >> they are saying what should do i friday? it will be celebrating, she will be celebrate herring daughter's and then end of the earth. >> this is from kate i'm off
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on friday. l and m doughnuts, the kings men with halle berry that jen went to london to be. no better way to spend the last day. >> so load up or doughnuts, go to the movie and spend time with your party. >> party is what i would do. >> okay. >> you would party on friday, friday night. >> you have to go out way bang what would you do. >> i don't know, i just want to be around people i love and have fun. >> i would gather my, daughters, and stuff like that >> yeah. >> you better get on it did you buy plane tickets. it is friday. >> turf fly them in. >> i don't need to save money. >> yes. >> do you skype them. >> what will do you with the three boys. >> sit around watch a movie, hang out. not like i can finish a bucket list item. >> whose birthday. >> maclin. he is turning eight. >> i have a great question on this one. my oldest child plays travel soccer and so i schedule everything else around all his games. saturday is there a game. scheduled birthday purposely
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from 1:00 to 3:00. they moved game time to the birthday party time. my husband is like oldest to gor game. should he go to the soccer game that has been rescheduled in the birthday time or his middle brother's birthday party. >> whichever he wants to do. >> i would go to the game and come to the party late. >> no way you can possibly do it. >> let him choose. >> he wants to go to the party >> he only has one a year. >> go to the party my husband said ask you, you should go to the game, it is important. you have to show you are committed. >> that can change at last second. >> that is what i'm saying that is my contention. >> he will always have another birthday. >> that is my husband. men. >> your husband is a competitor men. >> very competitive. >> i think this woman ace brilliant, what does this say. >> she would love to meet you before the end of the world. >> wouldn't you think that is best thing to do hang out with me on the last day of your life. >> i have had 10 people ask me , i just want to know is mike just like he is in person as he is on tv.
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i have to say, every time someone asks me. he is the same person, all the time it is horrifying and frightening. >> it is fun it is fun, devil ish. >> people think that you put on a different something. >> i put on airs. >> put on airs, on air. >> he is just that same crazy on tv. >> most people in their television careers, they act like a different person on tv, and that is why they are successful and they have national television shows. i'm stuck into corner. >> you have been yourself your whole time. look at where it has gotten you. >> yes. >> hi. >> we can all sing and take our moment. >> when was last time you had sex. >> we will talk. >> there is a surprising group , that endorses having a lot of um-hmm, all the time. >> um-hmm. >> you can tell she has kid. >> brian you want to go have um-hmm. >> there is kid that might be watching out there. >> what are you doing in there , mom. what are you doing. >> you know that is what
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happens. >> so we found this couple, they have been married for 15 years. they have been trying to have sex every day for the last five months. their name is megan and john. not megan in the control room. >> this is a challenge. >> megan and john, they started having sex, well, they call it a 60 day challenge. lets see if we can do it for 60 days. >> good idea. >> every day. >> and they have made it, it blew blue pennsylvania, so to speak, the two months. >> because she says that her husband is happier, more comfortable in bed, he helps with the kid, he knows at the end he will still be able to have sex. he is spending quality time with the children. she says he is more relaxed about things, money's not an issue. >> wow. >> so they started with 60 days and now they are into five months. >> you know what is surprising group that recommends exactly this.
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>> what. >> catholic churchy went to a retreat called living in love. that is recommendation is that the couple get together, takes all of their clothes off and have difficult discussion every single day. >> i grew up a catholic, the catholic school every day. >> it business returning to love and primary connection in the marriage, because we all get busy with all of the kid and all of the other stuff and who that stranger is happening >> it would be healthier to do this. >> thinks new recommendation and they then say you don't have to have the actual um-hmm but you to take off your clothes and sit there with no kid around and have a discussion with the door lock for 15 minutes. >> name. >> every day. >> i live alone. should i be naked in my apartment by myself, just hanging out. >> be name and unashamed. >> watching wolf blitzer in the afternoon. >> yes. >> with the person you love the most. >> me. >> yeah. >> well, i know somebody, when i think sex, i think talking to one of our producers,
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meredith eels. >> south philadelphia meredith >> from the q show. >> hi, good morning. >> good morning. >> i have heard, you left her in the news room because too afraid to have her here on the couch. >> i can't believe, i'm shaking, to even talk about this. >> but go ahead. >> meredith, you are the sex chatter are you having sex every day. >> she tried to. how many days, now first of all, why did you try to have sex every day. >> when i left here, a couple of years ago i had read something at the time that everyone in the house is happier if the more sex you have. because your husband is happier, you are happier, everyone is happier. that is true. so when i left here, we tried to have sex, i said we will have sex every day, you know, as long as we can. it only lasted a week the not even a week. it might have lasted five days >> five days. >> and then what happened. >> because you are just tired, or, you know, things get in the way, kid come in your bed, things just happen, and it
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doesn't happen every night. so now we aim for like two to three times a week. >> two to three. >> that is a good goal. >> my brother-in-law nicknamed his second daughter, quitus interruptus. >> dad, dad, dad because that is what would happen. >> i have another name for my kid that i'm not allowed to say. >> real quickly, howie lab break is each time, can it be under five minutes. >> it can be whatever. >> it just has to happen, because then, everyone, i don't know, you are so less stressed. if we go down the shore, for the week with my parents at their house, so you know, it can't really happen down there you can see tension, my husband starts getting in a bad mood all the time. he gets, he is, you know, short with the kid, short tempered and that sort of thing it is easier just to do
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that. >> i'm being wrapped over here >> who would initiate it over here, was it like a chore. >> no, once it become a chore then it is probably why it stopped, that week. >> hey, meredith thanks for that. >> thanks. >> our sex expert, meredith. >> yes. >> lady said in the reading he initiated it three times and she dit, why does it matter who initiate is it. >> you don't want to always be the person to do it. you want it to be mutual. >> if you plan who initiate is it, it ties plan. >> you cannot plan it but you have to know whose turn it is. >> do you. >> you are aware. >> you remember it was you, you and you are hoping it was other. >> i got called out on that, six to eight months. >> why do you always initiate it was, the opposite. how come you don't initiate. >> i'm tired. >> i got to get up at 3:00 in the morning. >> speaking of sex, i like, this. this makes me feel good. >> i don't believe this. >> she doesn't believe it but
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i like it. i wish to believe it, teens are waiting longer to have sex good. >> well, waiting more than previous generations. zero seven's you could not wait to get away, grow up, get in the car, drive away, get a job and do more things. kid have it so good they want to stay at home. eighteen year-old of yester year in the 70es air acting more like 15 year-old today. so, good side is they are having less of those like rights of passage, move on, trying to separate from your parents. less teen sex. waiting longer to start working, driving, dating and drinking alcohol. and, parents say it is a delayed independence. they are saying they think it is because of the phones. kid, they have it better. they have helicopter parents. texting their friend. i will pay for these phone plans. you go out and do it by yourself. >> i did hear some kid who say they face time so much they are not physically in the same room. >> yes. >> there is not so much sex going on. by the way this study was done by san diego state university.
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>> april fools you don't believe any of it. >> i have a knee, they are 13, they are in eighth grade. they are in eighth grade. there they are. asia and brooke. they have told me horror stories about things that happen, under the bleaches, in the bathroom, and at sleep overs. no, kid are having, i think, having sex, younger. >> thirteen. >> doing things that have more responsibility. >> this is like did they get a job or driving a car. >> no. >> that is about taking responsibility and trying to step out of the house. this is keeping them more infantized, they are not ready to take, responsibility. >> because they are spoiled. >> that is right. >> but they are still doing all of the other stuff. >> yes. >> i hear stories 13. >> we face time all the time. i scare them. if you kiss them, you don't know what can come on. i can tell horror stories. because i always say first kiss, they haven't had their first kiss yet. >> good. >> they are adorable. >> thirteen.
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>> things happen. >> do you ever lie to people when they say can you meet up for this weekend, you know, to go to dish. well, i will be in new york. >> that is my standard. >> what night. >> friday or saturday i have learned how to do that. >> yes. >> yes. so anyway, apparently, saying you are sorry is not a good idea. this new study says that wrong , wrong, it is don't say sorry. saying sorry is only going to make the person you say sorry too worse. >> yeah. we will give you an example. what is happening. >> i want to tell thaw smart people put this survey together. researchers at dartmouth found that apologizing when you reject someone, makes that rejected person feel like they should offer forgiveness. plus, it makes them more likely to seek revenge on you. >> um-hmm. >> study analyzed more than a thousand people to see their reactions when they got rejected. you know, social scenarios.
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>> sorry. >> sorry, george. >> i don't understand things were going so great. what happened? something must have happened? >> it is not you, it is me. >> you're giving me the it's not you, it's me routine. i invented it's not you, it's me. >> they are breaking up with somebody. don't say you are sorry, just say it is not working out. it is not you, it is me. just don't say, well, i'm so sorry. >> yes, it is not working out it compound is it. >> i'm sorry. i'll show you sorry. >> and then revenge. >> yes, revengey don't know about you, i sent mike and i were supposed to see jeffery osborne and he stood me up because he went to new york. >> yesy sent him a picture or video clip of the concert when i went. >> and met jeffery osborne backstage and said that was revenge, remember those times you ditched me. that is what you get.
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>> i love jeffery osborne. >> sing something real quick. >> come on. >> on the wings of love. >> only the two of us. >> together, flying high. >> flying high. >> that was the show, where there was three people, lauren , so or toy bother you, three of those, i fielded your questions. >> hey, by the way did you realize that september is, women ask out men on the date month. >> i thought it was saidi hawkins day is in february. >> this is an extended version , september. >> i saw it on instagram it must be tree. >> it must be true because it was on the gram. >> what will you say to the next woman that you see, when she's all dressed all nice. >> you be looking a snack. you be looking like a snack. >> looking like a snack. >> please tell lauren she's very pretty. >> thanks you, max.
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>> stevey wonder. >> steve is making his way down the shore in atlantic city, hitting every shore town you are at morey's pier. >> yes, mike, before i start, lauren knows my funness for him, karen you know how much i love you. lauren know i'm her top fan. turf thank lauren. she knew i was covering effect s of the hurricane so she provided me with her extra special foul weather gear. mike, you saw her, i saw you retweet it. acme back. so when i'm done, when i'm done, you will show, the tweet ed picture of lauren. i don't know if you showed it. i showed chris fox the other photographer that works for lauren. that is why she's the best person in the world, because she's awesome. she looks adorable. she put this on because she was in foul weather. that is awesome, i thought that was greatest picture.
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>> yes, megan is fining it on instagram. it happened on saturday. >> now let me do my hit here because you will see something you have never seen before cassidy was just on, cassidy's parents are in wildwood. so here we are, we are in a couple landmarks. that is curly's fries, report. we have kohr brothers custard. we are at 26th. that is morey piers. here at went sixth street even long time public works guys in their 60's, look at the ocean water, all the way here. if you have never been to the wildwood beach, you better, be prepared to walk if you want to go swimming in the ocean unless it is to day because ocean is right here. here we are under the boardwalk as the famous song says, ocean has come, the entire length of the boardwalk that is how bad tide got and now water is under the boardwalk and look at how far as we come out, chris, splashing through, look at how far the ocean is. that is how far the ocean went that is moreyy pier to the
9:18 am
left. here's one of the trucks. employees are used to driving. you can see cars park under morey piers. to the left is there a couple of white cars parked under the piers in the water right any. water is not too deep fortunately so they are not stuck. you can see something you have never seen before, this is rare, so greg will walk with me here, standing in the dry bit because i don't have duck dynasty boots greg has on. here we are on the other side of the boardwalk and see a woman sitting under plastic palm tees. we have had a split of sunshine just now but that quickly went away but we will go backup to the boardwalk. these steps look clean, new because they have probably been replaced, after the storm no tram car right now. hello. but here comes a john deere tractor and couple peak on the boardwalk. here we are in the summer, and that length of the boardwalk after this john deere tractor goes by you won't see any human being. they are on the tram car track
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we will spin around here and show there is a couple of people walking on the boardwalk. there is the ocean, churning up to the right. that gives you a sense of how far ocean got all the way on the long expansive, wildwood, beach and then under the boardwalk here at morey piers. coincidently look at the flag atop the ride at morey pier. that is a hurricane flag. it is blowing, very fur vently south. so there you go, thank you, i survived the effects of irma, thanks to you and your acme bag. thank you, lauren. i will repay the favor, covering the storm, get you a fresh acme grocery bag. you get for plastic and in the paper. >> yes. >> so was that a wawa or acme back. >> it was an acme bag. is there always a chance of a pop up shower you can never rule out a pop out shower. it happened at acme on saturday. i said wait, what willie do? i got to get in the car.
9:20 am
you know this hair. it is a struggle. i just got it done on friday. i have to figure it out. i stood in the lobby. i said what will you do i will not have an umbrella, and get wet. um-hmm. i ran back and got a plastic bag and handles, it won't, they are too short so you have to rip it a bit so you talk the hair in the back end because you don't want that to slip out. you can't put it on top. and tie the bow and moved it to the side. >> i would market that, qvc. >> i should do it. >> yes. >> help me. this is weird, be careful when you are on google if you type in certain celebrities names you will get a virus, yes, bruno mars is one but we have a list of people you shouldn't be googling. >> he will be here soon. >> yes. hey, man. oh!
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nice man cave! nacho? [ train whistle blows ] what?! -stop it! -mm-hmm. we've been saving a lot of money ever since we switched to progressive. this bar is legit. and now we get an even bigger discount from bundling home and auto. i can get used to this. it might take a minute. -swing and a miss! -slam dunk! touchdown! together: sports! yes, it is, it.
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avrillavigen will be called the most dangerous celebrity on the internet. explain this to me, lauren. >> well, she's most likely to land users on websites that have viruses, or that malwear. so her name, 14 and a half percent of finding a webb page with potential for on line threats. >> she's not the only one, bruno mars is another one you have to be careful, carli rae, zayn malik, and celine dion. >> so, explain this toe my. not if i just click on the image problem if i google their name. >> let me explain. report is by cyber security, you know, mcafee, aloft people have mcafee. >> yeah sure. >> meant to highlight danger of clicking on suspicious links. so there is a chance if you google them. >> one of them, you know how it comes up with all those things, click on one because it could say something fancy
9:25 am
and click on there, boom, your computer is ruined. >> i do that all the time. how do i protect myself. >> yes do it at work. we have the highest security, actually google, like i forget , i heard a story about something. you can't look at this web site. >> gambling site. >> oh, brother. >> it is for a story. >> if it has anything close to the war sex, you cannot get in it. >> i try, try, try. >> yeah. >> anyway, people saying yeah, market this, in the rain, you can see your head. >> lauren's lid. >> so you have to, because, let me demonstrate. i had my hair down. but you have to get the back in the bag so it won't get wet i didn't do a good job there. >> but then it is too short, you can't tie it. i said, wow you thought of that your self. >> i had to play witt for a second in the car.
9:26 am
>> i said hold on. >> it is very loud in my ear. >> it is pretty loud for us too. >> hey. >> cute. >> that is brilliant. >> look at that. >> cute as can be. >> how can you be that sexy with a bag on your head. >> bag, lady, is that what she says. >> bag lady. >> is what other song, i am not my hair. >> india re. >> i am not my hair. >> you are a bad and buge. >> doctor susan taylor are you here. >> she's ready to go. >> yes. >> i have so much sun screen and self tanner in my face i'm clogged. can you unclogged me. >> let's detox our skin next.
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>> welcome back, look being at ocean city new jersey where the angry ocean is chomp up our beaches. we will continue to follow that situation, as it affect our jersey shore. so, a lot of us spends time down at the jersey shore, bye was very nice for folks that got to get away, or maybe up in the backyard, mountains, our skin is a mess, brown spot, wrinkles, maybe too much self tan their got all over, sleek i because we slathered the sunscreen all over us, trying to protect our skin, but don't do all things right. so how do we get ourselves back to the beauty for the fall, clean slate for the face? we brought in expert dr. seuss and taylor, dermatologist. >> also interns who will be our models. let's get started. i need just to peel it all off
9:31 am
bring it all back down. >> that's right. >> what do you rec we spatter with? >> great thing to start with are these peel pads. they're made by avon. you just simply put them on your skin once a day, removes dead layer of skin, helps to unplug the pores. >> i love the pads, so seem tonight use, and it is perfect. >> one pad a day, not too aggressive. you can tolerate it great. >> a lot of us don't go out in the sun. we look put on the self-tanner it, gets all over, sometimes it is really strikey, our hands are different color. >> this is the time of year to get rid of the self-tanner. here is easy solution, this is a scrub, you just put it on, just very gently, truck into the skin. wash it off in the shower. and you get rid of the self-tanner. >> now, the mask, all obsessed with these masks, which ones do you think are the best right snow. >> i really like red clay mask, which is an example right here, then the charcoal mask, they're very popular. so what they're going to do,
9:32 am
help dry out the oil, unclog the pores, it is going to refine the pores, and it will really simple. we have our beautiful model here, de. and you can see, just put it on. very quickly. >> it is all nice and soft and cream. >> i it is, very creamy. but it will dry in about 15 to 20 minutes. and then you wash it off and voila almost like new skin. >> how long, how often do you do this? >> it depends, you can do it once a week, twice a week, all depends on your skin f you're oily, then definitely twice a week. if you tends to be dry, maybe once a week, once every other week. >> so you're being all high jen i can and using this device, can the rest of us use our fingers? >> absolutely. >> when you take it off, do you take it off with regular water and wash clot? >> you can, absolutely. just little bit of warm water, to help melt it. you can dab with your wash clot. one rule: don't rub and scrub. >> but i think i'm exfoliating when i'm rubbing and
9:33 am
scrubbing. >> here is great ex fowl and the. talk about our pads. >> i think i'm getting this all with our make up, tucking on my flesh. >> yes. >> think keep seeing all over instagram, these masks. which ones do you recommend? because my face is really dry. >> so now that we're leaving the summer, we tends to be dry. you know, we've been exposed to the sun, to the winds, and these are great ways to hydrate the skin. >> oh, so cool. comes right off. here is our victim over here. >> this is beautiful morgan. you are going to line it up with the mouth and the eyes. you can leave this on for 15, 20 minutes, how does that feel, morgan? >> cool. >> cool. it hydrates. this is chock full of hyaluronic acid. that will put moisture into the skin. let's make sure you can see out of there. >> what do you do for those 15 minutes, lay on your back? >> there go. >> look up at the phone or watch a show? >> great way, i stant moisture, reverse the dry skin. and you can do that almost
9:34 am
every day. these feel wonderful. another tip: put in the fridge. so when you put it on, it is really cool and refreshing. >> that would be good for specially i wake up in the middle of the night, the morning, my face little puff at this would help to cool it down, re-hydrate. >> whole hoses of other masks, to detox, to ex folate, rejuvenate, get them quite inexpensively 2.99 in your drug store. >> i'm brown spots on my face. how do i get rid of them, get them on my hands. >> this is oldie but goody. this is a hydrocorone base cream. apply it, very cream toy any dark marks twice a day. >> all right, i'm going try that right now. i have some on my hands. >> and slowly over couple every months you'll see big difference. >> months? >> many women are waking up, looking in the mirror, and oh, my god, all the sudden you have these dark marks, these spots. and this is a great way to get rid of them.
9:35 am
>> doctor, you're amazing, thank you. great tips, great advice. i'll be walking a which with this one. we head it out to kelly's classroom. bob, what's going on? >> hey, gang, good morning to you. i'm combing to you live from chester. the most improved in the district. look at everybody out here, we learn about the 3d's and some letters of advice from our first graders, to the brand new kindergartners when we come right back. ♪ ♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
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you each drive a ford (all) yes.ght? i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. stronger the better. and best of all, this new truck is actually- (all laughing) oh my.... the current chevy silverado. current chevy owners and lessees get a total value of ten-thousand, six hundred dollars. or, 0% financing for 72 months on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> good morning from south philadelphia. we're here live at the chester arthur elementary school, graduate hospital, south philly area. it is the most improved
9:39 am
elementary school in the school district. some of the great programs they have here. i am a with carman and naomi, my new little friends, they have the three -- the 3b's, the first one, be respectful. >> being respectful means if somebody doesn't want to be touched, don't touch them. >> that's a good one. then b response be? >> be responsible means don't leave your things where they shouldn't go or else somebody might take them. >> i know, i tell my kids that all the time. what's the other up. >> be a learner, right? >> being a learner means always listen to your teacher and always be kinds to one another. >> that's great. you guys are doing a great job. what else, we have here, too, is that all of the first graders wrote a letter of advice to the kindergartners, because they're big now, the first graders. we will go down here and read some of the great letters. so this is juniper. and juniper said you will learn how to tell time, okay? right? that's a good thing, okay?
9:40 am
little advice. this one is, okay, this is brianna, okay, kindergarten, she says you'll get it know your abc's, right? this is mackenzie. now, mackenzie hearsays: we can get on this: i love how they print, the way my austin does it, if you play fight in kindergarten you will get in trouble, right? no fighting in kindergarten. so this is from the first graders. here is ava. i love your glasses. it says: you will get homework and it will be easy. oh, i love easy homework. do you like easy homework? who want no homework today? >> me! >> oh, we'll try for that one. >> and then this one here is brody. it says in kindergarten you will learn math and reading. this is from bella. it says: you will learn control your temper. controlling your temper is very important. and then, last but not least, you know the school district's
9:41 am
initiative this year is highlighting attendance, weaver someone here, this is from the eighth grade, she has had perfect attendance since the fifth grade, kim, the principal? >> absolutely, she has not missed an day, and even then she missed one day and she says for a doctor's appointment. she comes to school every day. >> now, i have to ask you, three years without a day off. okay? has there ever been a day where you get up in the morning and you kind of feel like ugh, i don't want to go to school. >> yes. >> what happens? >> my grandmother throws me out the house. >> you got it, grandmom. that's right, get your book bag and go. nice award for you there, three years and going, and if you make it to fourth year, i'm going to come back and have a pizza party with everybody. okay? sounds good? okay. we're coming to you live from south philadelphia. everybody give a wave. coach reggie, come on, take it home for us. >> (laughing).
9:42 am
>> he lives in a pineapple worlds under the sea. >> great programs here,. >> fantastic. >> thank you, bob. >> sponge bob square pants! >> who is on the trends? >> i have to show you picture. >> do it. >> remember my bag? >> yes. >> my girl, jess, is watching the show. she says, lauren, we do this all the time down the shore. that's her down the shore over the summer. bags in the hair. >> and bags on the bod. >> that's right. you got to protect yourself, however you can. >> bag it up. >> well, that trash bag raincoat, that's what do you have do all the time. at sporting event, rain, need something to cover up where you are,. >> get creative. >> yes, rake it up. >> rakey it up. >> break it down. >> did they tweet you back? >> you got to bag it up sometimes. jen is back to school. hey, jen. >> oh, there they are. >> there they are, all your favorite people.
9:43 am
my mom squad. hi, guys. over scheduling, one mom has five kids, three moms have three kids. therapist doctor. we will talk about over scheduling, how you make it work. wife kids. you have two kids. that's enough. >> she has plenty.
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9:45 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> beautiful sunrise. look at that. oh, friend of the show right there. welcoming the worlds, yes. >> oh, joy comes in the morning. >> these are the days. alex holley enjoying live in
9:46 am
myrtle beach. >> she down visiting friends, family, in myrtle beach where she used to work. there she is, her last day, she will be back tomorrow. wonder if she'll be happy. >> of course she will be happy. she looks like she is all blitzed out, the center after hour glass right there with the sun. >> why don't we get our weather after this. >> sun just came out, here is your sneeze report for the day, see what's bothering you out there. weeds, high levels, mold, very& high, ragweed hi, moderate lows of grass pollen out there if you suffer from almost autumn allergies, here is jose, with that counter clockwise circulation, and some of the rain bands moving through new jersey, getting
9:47 am
close to philadelphia, even though we have sunshine right now, might not be long before we see some rain, so looking at winds, at the shore, gusting up to 40 miles an hour, rough surroun surf, danges rip tides, minor to moderate tidal flooding. 78 degrees here, today, 84 tomorrow, and in the 80s all the way through the weekends, by monday, even though it will be the first monday of autumn, close to 09 degrees. >> ninety? >> i know. >> i know. >> oh, tomorrow, that's whether we're going to newtown. >> okay. >> to the corner bakery cafe. why? why, it is hyunda hope on wheels. we'll do this every wednesday for the rest of september, because it is pediatric cancer awareness month, we are raising money for chop, children's hospital. >> i'm guess that bakery on the corner? >> it would be on the corner and you can get a round cup of coffee. >> thank you, sue. so, every mom knows how hard it can be to figure out what to do with all of the different activities for your kids, kids playing soccer, kids playing baseball, doing
9:48 am
after school religious, music instruments. >> perfect parties, soccer games clashing. >> all the time. so what do we do? we need to send help. so jen's got aplomb squad this morning. >> i would like to be surrounded by ten women, the three of you, and seven there. okay. >> mike the perfect situation for you. you don't have to talk to them all the time. just say hi through television. so talking little bit about over scheduling. so i have to go to mom of five, page, first. okay, we will talk about some of the tips so people can learn from you. >> sure. >> five kids from first grade to ninth grade? >> yes. >> how do you make it work. >> well, you just really have to figure out what works for your family and years ago we figured out for us, it is a 10-o birthday party outside of 10 miles don't join in activity or travel team or take lessens outside that far. >> do your kids know that? >> no. >> just -- >> they don't need to know. >> so you have another
9:49 am
strategy. sarah has three kids, three years old to eight years old. boys, girls, sorry, ten. what's your strategy for making it work with three kids, boys, girls, young to old? >> i feel like if you're a mom after child, you're qualified to coach them elementary school level only even from no idea what you're doing, they don't know, they're excited you're out there with them. you can control the schedule. then if you can't make it to something, it is really nice, because if you're the coach well we have to help her out because she volunteered to do this so we will make it work. >> and basketball, softball, you and i are the same size, you'll be the basketball coach. >> i don't know anything about basketball. >> that's fun. >> you have three, again, three year old to up 13 year old. how do you make it work? >> so what i try do, yes, i i really believe it takes a village to do this with all of the activities, i try to rely, so i sign my kids up for activities with their friends, so we already know parents and we can carpool together. if i don't know anyone on the team, i will e-mail the coach
9:50 am
and ask specifically hey who lives in our area, who can we carpool, with i reach out to those parent. i find with all of the different activities that's really tough to be, you know, in three different places at once. >> that's great. >> lori also has three kids. >> yes. >> amazing. what is your number one strategy for making it all work. >> so my kids are still young enough. i feel like i can have more control than the vast difference that you guys have in ages. so for me, i really focus on activities that don't go too late. i'm kind of focused on sleep with my kids, had great sleepers, i know if they don't get a good nights rest i'm the one paying for it the next day. we don't do too many activities during the week, it is about one activity each. and not every day either. >> so, you're a therapist, i confess to you that i do a lot like boy-girl activities, they play tennis, lacrosse, that kinds of thing. but sometimes dow feel like i'm pushing them. page says they won't do an activity, how do you convince
9:51 am
them to go along with kind of what you need them to do to make it work. >> at the end of the day you are the boss. >> right. oh, the boss. >> and you are the chauffeur, as well. so i think there has got to be some flexibility both on your ends and their ends. so making compromises, don't be afraid to miss something if something else is going on, teach our kids flexibility. like they don't want to feel like they have to meet everything on time all the time. we want to make sure they turn into major perfectionist cents. you. >> say there are some signs they're over scheduled? >> yes, some signs your kids might be over scheduled if they're sleep deprived, becoming anxious and if you can't figure out a family dinner once during the week, probably not good sign as well. unstructured play, at night, really good. crucial for brain development for the young kids. >> doctor? >> i do agree. i just ask to be honest, i'm working mom, so i have two kids. i have help. >> yes? >> that's the other thing, i can't be at two places at one time, i'm at work. and i'm not embarrased about
9:52 am
it. i think years ago i would have never anticipated like having someone help with the pickups, the drop-office, but it is just made my life so much better. but dow agree with everything you are saying. i think i gave my children when they were younger a chance to just experience everything. now that they're older, just pick two things, really, i wish they would pick one, pick two things, because whether they're over scheduled so am i. and it is a lot running up and down, up and down. >> thank you guys all for finding team to be with us this morning. specially everyone, it was good. i think we have to have real back to school night here, because it is awesome, right? >> just need the wine, jen, all the ladies need is the wine. we can have the real conversations. >> the wine is right up there. we've been checking it out. >> great advice. >> that can be a regular segment. i like that a lot. taylor swift is being sued because of the song she had, shake it off. she is being sued. >> tell me about it after the break. >> well, somebody says it is a rip-off.
9:53 am
shake it off. rip it off. >> take it off. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ pro tip: giant has great prices on produce.
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>> taylor swift is being sued. couple every guys say that they claim her lyrics for shake it off were not original, being sued by two men who say she copied their 2001 song, players going to play. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i actually like that song better than shake it off. >> okay, but just words. >> oh, that's adrien byown from the real. >> that's correct. >> yes. >> well, see what happens. we'll follow that case for you. >> karen, take it away. >> all right, so the former white house communications guy got fired after only couple
9:57 am
every days on the job, here is the thing, on "tmz," did bring some good gossip. tom brady huge supporter, supported the president. he didn't go not white house. why? >> oh, for the superbowl celebration. >> because gisele was jealous bass back in the day he dated ivanka trump. how about that? >> how about that? >> no matter how rich, how famous, being still get famous. listen to this. >> everybody saw with the pictures of the white house tom brady didn't go. and they were like this for years, super tight. >> yes. >> what's up snow. >> no, i think you got to ask gisele why tom brady didn't go. >> oh. no confirmation of that. >> he spilled some tea. >> alluding may v he didn't get into all the -- but he was rapping. >> oh, i can see that couple, tom brady, ivanka. >> all beautiful people. >> please. >> well, you made it through two days. >> thank you, thank you. >> go have a drink.
9:58 am
>> i may. >> celebrate ♪ >> have a good day everybody. do you want to do a monster check? yes. no monsters. ♪ how about the drawer? ♪ no monsters. nightly monster checks are how grant makes home his. and homegoods is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours.
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>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ ♪ feel it baby feel it now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: hi, everyone. ta-da! [ applause ] thank you so much for catching our show. [ applause ] say hello to my co-host. my studio audience.


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